The Liberace Museum

The Liberace Museum was an amazing monument to this amazing man! It could be said that no visit to Las Vegas was complete without a visit to the world’s biggest collection of Liberace memorabilia. Sadly though the museum is currently closed though there are hopes that it will be resurrected in the future.

The museum was renovated in 2002 and there were a huge list of improvements made including a new facade and totally revamped exhibition areas. Visitors would often comment on the amazing amount of costumes and robes in the collection. In fact there were so many that they were regularly rotated to show off the man’s collection.

Plans have been thrown around to resurrect the museum and some suggestions have been flooding in from fans about what the place should look like, People want to see a cafe set up at the site and want to see a return of the amazing gift shop that once graced the old museum. The new museum will have to have a lot of space. There are so many pianos, candelabras and cars to show off. it will be a big ask of the new owners!

The museum first opened in 1979 and included exhibits of memorabilia, family photos, antiques, and of course all of Liberace’s amazing stage costumes.

Let’s hope we see the return of the Liberace museum. A generation is missing out!