I call these my "Easter Boots"! Turquoise satin with turquoise beads. Custom made for Liberace by "Willies of Hollywood" in the 1960s. These boots were part of his turquoise satin and beaded tuxedo with the turquoise fringe.

Here are a few shot of Liberace in his turquoise stage outfit. Not the best photos, but I'm working on capturing some better shots. These are from the video titled "The World Of Liberace". It was a "form fitting" outfit.


And last, a pair of purple brocade and beaded pants.

This photo shows Liberace wearing the matching jacket.
I like to think he's wearing the pants too.


One of my prized possessions is one of Liberace's bejeweled bow ties.

This beaded necktie was part the wardrobe Liberace kept at his Las Vegas restaurant "Tivoli Gardens."


I recently purchased Liberace's personalized travel case, fitted with inner compartments for jewelry and makeup, the inside lid has a mirror. One of the inner compartments has the residue from some of Lee's stage makeup stuck to the side. Looks like a flesh colored base. This case was part of the Casa De Liberace estate sale in 1990, lot #380.


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