Liberace's Fabulous Piano Collection

Liberace owned a total of 39 pianos! The main piano gallery at the museum has 18 on display. As you stroll through you'll see Liberace's antique pianos including Chopin's Pleyel and George Gershwin's Chickering Baby Grand.

Liberace's mirrored Grand Pianos by Baldwin. (Liberace only played on Baldwin pianos)

Lee had a matching silver sequined outfit and mirrored Rolls Royce to complete the set.

And wouldn't you?

The lids of both are made of Lucite.

Liberace's rhinestone encrusted piano is a sight to behold.

Liberace with one of his antique pianos on opening day in 1979. This piano was also used in the 1945 film "A Song To Remember" starring Merle Oberon and Cornel Wilde. This is the film that gave Liberace the inspiration for his candelabra sitting on the piano.

An upright!

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