Liberace Vs Cassandra.

The 1950s was an eventful decade for Liberace. Over the years Liberace was hassled relentlessly by the press and history will tell us the Liberace was not pleased with this.

In 1956 the Daily Mirror published an article that caused a lot of offence. The article was released during 1956 and was written by William Connor who wrote a scathing review.

“He is the summit of sex – the pinnacle of masculine, feminine, and neuter. Everything that he, she and it can ever want.”

How ghastly! But wait this is only the start of the horrible rhetoric. He continues with…

I spoke to sad but kindly men on this newspaper who have met every celebrity coming from America for the past 30 years. They say that this deadly, winking, sniggering, snuggling, chromium-plated, scent-impregnated, luminous, quivering, giggling, fruit-flavored, mincing, ice-covered heap of mother love has had the biggest reception and impact on London since Charlie Chaplin arrived at the same station, Waterloo, on September 12,1921.

OK, so someone is completely out of line already! The anti-flamboyant nature of the article quite easily could have caused major offence had been left at that. However it continued to roll out the punches and it is believed the next section of the article was what ultimately made Liberace sue for damages.

This appalling man – and I use the word appalling in no other than its true sense of terrifying – has hit this country in a way that is as violent as Churchill receiving the cheers on V-E Day.

He reeks with emetic language that can only make grown men long for a quiet corner, an aspidistra, a handkerchief, and the old heave-ho. Without doubt, he is the biggest sentimental vomit of all time. Slobbering over his mother, winking at his brother, and counting the cash at every second, this superb piece of calculating candy-floss has an answer for every situation.”

The fact that the author posed as a female says a lot about the awful state of reporting at the time. And indeed the newspaper.

The result?

Well the jury debated the case for several hours and found that William Connor andthe newspaper, the Daily Mirror were guilty of libel and were ordered to pay $22, 400 in damages as well as court costs.

Good on you Liberace! Dam those haters!