It's the 80's, and Liberace is bigger than ever! With record breaking engagements at radio City Music Hall, Liberace proves he is truly a Master Showman. But scandal is not far behind. (Oh Scott, how could you!)


Lee is devastated by the death of his mother Francis.

Lee was criticized throughout his career for being so devoted to his mother. Often called a "Mama's Boy."

The press can be so cruel.

Liberace puts his mane to a line of products including SOAP!



$$$$ Scott Thorson, Liberace's live-in bodyguard, chauffeur, confidant, and secretary, sues him for $113 Million in palimony.

Liberace, William Hurt and Kathleen Turner present the Academy Award for the "Best Original Music Score."




Lee's brother, George Liberace, dies of Leukemia in Las Vegas. George was buried next to his mother in Forest Lawn cemetery.

Liberace continues to headline on the stages of Las Vegas. Here's a fabulous souvenir button from Caesars Palace. Love that feather!







$$$$ Most of Scott Thorson's palimony suit was thrown out of court. The court ruled that contracts for sex are not enforceable. Although, Scott could sue for assault and battery, breach of a cash settlement agreement, loss of personal property, and infliction of emotional distress. The matter is settled out of court, and Scott gets $95,000. Scottie made a little more money by selling his story to the NATIONAL ENQUIRER.
Oh Scott, how could you?



Liberace celebrates his 40th anniversary with a return to New York City after a thirty year absence.

"The costumes were soon fit for a king - King Frederick of Hollywood... He gave his audiences what they never knew they wanted: a polyester blend of classics and crass, of Van Cliburn and Van Halen..."



Liberace is back again at Radio City Music Hall.

Souvenir Liberace Christmas ornament from 1985



Liberace publishes his fourth book,
The Wonderful Private World Of Liberace.


Liberace becomes part of the
Effanbee "Legends" series of dolls.


Liberace performs at Radio City Music Hall. This becomes his final stage performance.



Liberace signed his last will and testament in January, leaving the majority of the estate to the Liberace Foundation For The performing and Creative Arts.

On February 4th 1987 Liberace Dies, while at his favorite home in Palm Springs.


This Liberace memorial postal cover was canceled on the very day of his death. Is that in poor taste?





An Estate sale of Liberace's possessions is held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

$$$$ Unfortunately Liberace's Las Vegas home did not do well on the open market. Purchased for $3 million the Liberace estate asked 2.7 million. There were no buyers. I was finally sold at a public auction for $325.000. What a deal! The bathroom alone is worth that!

Today the house is used as a banquet hall for private parties, it's called the "Las Vegas Villa."


Margaret Bloomberg, an employee of the Liberace Museum, is taken hostage by a gunman trying to take off with the Liberace Jewels. Margaret faints (she faked it) as the gunman is leaving the building, the man is shot and KILLED by the Las Vegas Police.

Today the Liberace Museum is the third most popular attraction in the state of Nevada. And thanks to Margaret, the Liberace Jewels are still intact!

Before the end of the decade, Liberace is immortalized on a postage stamp from the Commonwealth Of Dominica!

Just try and lick that! I dare you!