The Liberace estate sale was more than a sale, it was a celebrity event. Pictured above are Debbie Reynolds, Rip Taylor and Dora Liberace (George's Wife) at the opening ceremony at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

All proceeds went to the Liberace Foundation. The sale included the contents from all of Liberace's homes, except for Palm Springs. The Foundation was hoping to turn Casa de Liberace into another museum but that idea failed and everything from Palm Springs was sold in 1990.

A 250 page illustrated catalog listed the the 20,000 auction items. Most items sold for four to five times their estimated value.

Lee's Jewelry went first and brought up to thirty-five times its appraised value. In addition to the bevy of tchotchkes, other items included Liberace's drivers license, Minks, cars, china and furnishings and clothing.

I had a few Liberace Estate items including this lovely Demitasse set made in Germany with 24kt gold leaf, complete with Libby's signature on front. This came from Liberace's Las Vegas warehouse (he had tons of stuff packed away in there).


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