Liberace signed his last will and testament in January of 1987, leaving his assets in the form of trusts. A major portion of the estate went to the Liberace Foundation For The performing and Creative Arts. Formed by Liberace to provide financial aid to students in the creative and performing arts.

Liberace was hospitalized at the Eisenhower Medical center in Rancho Mirage, CA. This is when all the rumors started about his diagnosis. They were unable to do anything for him, so he returned home to Palm Springs. Once this was revealed, the crowds began to gather outside the 8 foot stucco wall. Many were fans, but there were also the bloodthirsty press.

Don't you just hate them?

Liberace died on February 4th, 1987.

He was entombed at Forrest Lawn Hollywood Hills Cemetery on February 7, 1987, along side his mother Francis and brother George, in a large white marble tomb with a cast of his famous signature on front.

"There isn't anyone who is as flamboyant and as showbiz.
He took it to a higher level. He was like a one man musical circus."


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