...Years ago, the traditional Easter Show played this hall, but apparently even Jesus Christ couldn't hold his own at the box office. God knows, Liberace brought out everything except heaven."


Liberace made one his most spectacular entrance of all when he popped out of a "Fabrige" Easter Egg wearing a llama fur coat trimmed with sequins and rhinestones weighing a whopping 120-pounds. (His Neptune outfit weighed 200 lbs.))

"Nothing I wear is effeminate. If my audience thought my costumes were too effeminate, I wouldn't wear them. I don't want to look too Boy Georg-ish I've never worn a dress."

During the two and a half hour program Liberace made four entrances using a different car each time, and ten costume changes. As always the cast included the Rockets and The Dancing Waters.

"I love polyester but my designer is a stickler for perfection. He won't let me wear anything fake."

Liberace gave a cooking demonstration at Macy's, and signed autographs at the Baldwin Piano Office before the concert dates.

He is ranked the highest-paid pianist of all time by Newsweek Magazine.


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