Scott Thorson was Liberace's live-in lover for five years. After being showered with gifts (expensive gifts) he turned around and filed a palimony suit against Lee for $113 million.

Well that's love for you.

Scott said he was Liberace's bodyguard, confidant and chauffeur, and had participated in a homosexual relationship with him. Unfortunately, even up to this point, Liberace continued to deny being homosexual.

He had no choice but to deny the charges.

"He is a disgruntled employee who was fired in early 1982 because of the excessive use of alcohol, drugs and the carrying of firearms among other reasons. This is an outrageous and vicious attempt to assassinate my character."


Hey, I wouldn't want him around either!


Liberace and Scott in Paris.

Liberace showered Scott with gifts including mink coats, cars, clothing and jewelry. Lots of jewelry.

In my opinion the jewelry thing doesn't really work for Scott.

Scott later wrote a book on his life with Liberace.

I read parts of it. Unfortunately the parts I did read really brought me down. Too much stuff you really don't need to know.

Scott of course was not the only "house boy" Liberace had in his life. I read that, at the time of his death, his current lover was a former member of "UP WITH PEOPLE".


"Up... Up... With People... "


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