Liberace is bigger than ever in Las Vegas and continues to tour the country. It's said that he has developed an "underground" following of younger listeners.





The seventies start with "A Brand New Me"

"It has been suggested that no one since Uriah Heep has been capable of emotionally pulverizing an audience like Lee does..."

Liberace Cooks, Recipes From His Seven Dining Rooms hits the bookstores.

"Food and Music are the best things in life"


$$$$ Liberace is allowed to deduct half the value of his home as a business expense by the US Tax Court. Much better than the 1/6th the IRS had allowed.

Liberace appears on an episode of "Here's Lucy."



Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas - Liberace premieres his red, white and blue hot pants on stage for the first time. The outfit is accessorized with matching red, white and blue, jeweled socks and shoes in addition to a matching handbag.

$$$$ At $4,000 a relatively inexpensive outfit.

"My physical fitness instructor tells me
I have the legs of an athlete."



Liberace is awarded

"Best Dressed Entertainer Of The Year"


"My cloths may look funny,
but they're making me the money!"


Liberace arrives on stage in an automobile for the first time!

"What can be said about Liberace
that hasn't been said before?"




Liberace publishes His Autobiography.


The Conference of Personal Managers West names Liberace "Entertainer of the year" in Las Vegas


George Liberace
autographs this FABULOUS feather pillow to Helen!



Joanne Rio sues Liberace

$$$$ Liberace signs a $2.5 million contract for a 25 week engagement in Las Vegas.


as "Lyvern", gets a tour of Liberace's Hollywood Hills Mansion for the Sonny & Cher Show. I'm not sure what year this is exactly but I do remember seeing it on TV, so it must have been the early 70s.



$$$$ Now the top box office draw in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. Liberace gets $125,000 a week for top engagements.
Check out his
Itinerary for 1975.

$$$$ Liberace's Hollywood mansion is burglarized and some of his fabulous jewelry is stolen. $33,000 worth, including a $28,000 necklace, and $5,000 in other gems. The burglars also stole some of the jewelry belonging to the house boy! I guess that's what happens when you have tour groups running through your house.

Liberace had lots of jewelry!
Big and expensive jewelry!

Oh yes...
Lets not forget Liberace's Nut Warmer



Liberace publishes his third book,

"The Things I Love"

A coffee table book about Liberace's collection of homes, jewelry and costumes. Some of the photos used in this site are from the book.

Here's another printed booklet of Liberace's Itinerary for 1976, our Bicentennial year.



Liberace's heavy tour schedule continues. He's on tour with two lucite topped grand pianos, and his candelabras.

(not to mention 150 trunks of costumes)

I recently found this photo at an estate sale, it must be from the 70's. I call it "Sugar Daddy"



Leapin' Lizards, It's Liberace airs on February 14. One of Liberace's TV specials also starring Debbie Reynolds, The Dancing Waters, Vince Cardell and Barkley Shaw

Here are some 1970's Liberace records.

My Liberace Picture disks are not to be missed!

And here's one from Vince Cardell

Liberace gets another "Best Dressed Entertainer Of The Year" award from the Fashion Foundation Of America

"60 Miles To Hell" - Liberace makes a guest appearance on KOJAK. I never liked that show.



The Grand Opening of The Liberace Museum.

Liberace is awarded "Star Of The Year" by The Best Of Las Vegas Awards.