Liberace was in two episodes of Batman, "The Devil's Fingers" and "Dead Ringers" in the dual role of Chandell (a.k.a. Fingers) and his twin brother Harry.

These were the highest rated episodes in the entire Batman Series!


Pictured above is Liberace as Harry.
(note the princess phone)


Chandell (a.k.a. Fingers) a famous pianist plays a concert for the President at the White House. He is then blackmailed by his brother Harry after Harry discovers that Chandell used a player piano. Tisk-Tisk! Chandel hatches a plan to do away with Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson in order to marry Aunt Harriet for her money. Batman and Robin figure out his plan. (well did you think they wouldn't?) Bruce and Dick fake there own deaths, Harry pretends to be Chandell, and in the end Bat man and Robin apprehend all the criminals.

Chandell in a tender scene with Aunt Harriet.













Chandell makes a call after saying farewell to Aunt Harriet. (note the princess phone)

Liberace supplied his own pianos and costumes, including that black and gold satin smoking jacket. During lunch breaks Liberace played the piano for the cast and crew.

There's no going back
until you've seen the jacket!