The Liberace Show
made Liberace one of the most watched entertainers in the U.S. At it's peak the show was on 219 TV stations with an estimated 35,000,000 viewers. Some stations played the show up to 10 times a week! Believe it or not, it was in New York that the show was played 10 times per week!


The show format consisted primarily of Liberace at the piano, sometimes accompanied by his brother George on the violin, chatting with the studio and home audience, and introducing the occasional guest.
Liberace was known for looking directly into the camera at the home audience. Back then that was a bit of a no-no, simply not done! But he did it anyway.



He often showed clips of his homes and interiors as well as demonstrating his culinary talents. My favorite is this demonstration on how to make "Suki Yaki".


I'll be seeing you!


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