Christmas was undoubtedly Liberace's most favorite time of year. He once spent $25,000 on decorations alone, but lets not forget that included 12 full sized reindeer, a life sized nativity scene and 18 fully decorated Christmas trees. Liberace's Sherman Oaks home was the scene of many holiday traffic jams.

Here is my collection of custom designed Christmas cards created especially for Liberace each year. Designed to live up to the Liberace image, they sometimes cost as much as $4 each. They were mailed to family, friends, and fans, a list that totaled some 7,000 names.

I have them divided into categories to make browsing a little easier.

Post Cards | Mini Holiday Records | Photo Album

Calendar | Decorative | Die-Cuts | Pop-Ups | "Fabulous"

Here are two cards from Liberace's Mother.
And three cards from Liberace's brother George.


A recent addition to my Liberace Christmas collection are these Three Ornaments once owned by Liberace and used on one of his many Christmas trees.

Liberace's "'Twas The Night Before Christmas", the 8-track version.

PLEASE NOTE: I have NEVER at ANY time owned an 8-track tape player.