I’m off on holiday to Italy – the home of the Liberace name!

“Buon Pomeriggio!”  or Good-day to my non-Italian friends and readers!  Yes, I am going on a lovely and relaxing holiday to Italy.  I can’t wait!  I have not travelled in around two years due to my illness.  I jumped at the opportunity when my good friend Henry suggested that we take a two week trip to one of my favorite places in the world!

Work to complete


Before we could go, I had the matter of my biggest interior design job of the year to finish.  I was asked to help fit out a very modern home.  It was a difficult challenge but I enjoyed every minute of it and the results were stunning!

I think the owners were particularly impressed with the living room.  I’m not going to go into all the details but one major change I made to it was the lighting.  It was far too sterile and clinical before hand and it just didn’t create enough atmosphere. Well, it made it feel like a hospital, but I don’t think the owners really wanted their lighting to create that effect!

Fab floor lamps


I decided on using floor lamps (check these out!) as the main source of lighting and used two different types to gain the effect I wanted.  Firstly I used two Torchiere lamps as the main source of light.  These provide lighting upwards.  I placed these against either wall in the middle of the room.  I then used floor lamps with adjustable arms and placed these near seating areas.  The lighting from these lamps can be adjusted because of the arm and the combination of the two really created a unique atmosphere in the living room.

Packing for the holidays

In a couple more days we will be jetting off on our holiday!  I am starting to get really excited now!  I packed this morning.  I have decided to travel light as I plan on buying a few things over in Italy especially some clothes, antiques for home and maybe a bottle or two of wine!

One thing I cannot go on holiday without is a decent travel wallet.  I decided to buy myself a nice new brown leather one.  It was fairly expensive but worth it as it allows me to fit all my travel documents, cash and cards in it.  It will come in very handy as I am planning on doing a fair amount of travelling over the next year.

Henry and I will be visiting Rome and Naples on this trip.  I convinced Henry to add one more little stop however.  We will spend a night in Formia which is a small Italian town where the Liberace family hail from.  We will start in Naples, travel to Formia and then finish our trip in Rome.

Exciting Italy


I really love Italy.  I am looking forward to the beautiful weather.  I could do with a few days in the sun!  Although we will be visiting most of the important tourist sites, I like to spend a day or two discovering a city by myself.  It’s amazing the little gems you can find this way.  I usually find a few unique pieces that I use in my interior design like this.  My home is filled with these little knick-knacks!   Of course, Italian food is to die for!  I am not going to be worried too much about healthy eating while I am away, I just want to enjoy all the delicious pastas and breads that Italians make so well!

Italy holds a special place in my heart.  It was here, as a twenty year old on an end of year tour that I decided to give up on medical school and follow my dream to become an interior designer!   My poor mother, she never could understand.  She just wanted me to become a doctor!

You must follow your dreams!  Never ever give up in pursuing them!  Liberace didn’t and neither will I.

Italy, I hope you are ready for Bob!

Love you all

Stay fabulous














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