Why I am such a fan of Liberace

Hellooooo everyone!  Sitting comfortably?  I have a little story for you!

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Last night I was sitting in my living room relaxing with a small glass of wine.  I recently bought myself a new record player.  I have all Liberace’s music on compact disk and record, but I had not played the records in over 25 years.   I think they are better than a compact disk.  There is just something about taking a record out of its sleeve, the feel of it in your hands, placing it on the turntable and then slowly lowering the needle down…. the slight crackle and finally, beautiful music, especially if Liberace is involved.

I was slightly tired after a long day of interior design, but listening to Liberace always picks up my mood.  It might have been the wine or just the incredible ambience created by my pendant lights (aren’t they fabulous?) but I ended up becoming quite emotional.  Not in a crying, sad way, but a crying, happy way!  I was happy that I was over my illness and that I had incredible friends that helped me through the tough times.  I really love all of you!

Liberace, the legend


Ok, enough of those emotions, I am tearing up again!  Let’s get back to my inspiration – Liberace.  He really is sorely missed.  There just isn’t an entertainer like him in the world today.  In fact, no one has managed to replace him since he died in 1987.  He really was such an incredible musician.  I loved the flourishes he used when playing piano.  Not only was it great on your ear, but it was fun to watch.

I always wondered how he managed to still play with all those rings on his hands.  Surely they were heavy, and how didn’t they get in the way!  All I know is that you never saw him without them while he was playing.

Here are a few interesting Liberace facts that I like to bring out at parties  My friends call me the Keeper of the Liberace Lore!

  • Liberace could play the piano by the age of 4! I am in my 60’s now and I can only play “Chopsticks.”
  • He could memorize and play classical pieces by the age of 7.
  • He tried his hand at acting in 1955, but the movie, “Sincerely Yours”, was a failure. I think that’s probably the only thing that he failed with in showbiz.
  • He appeared in a 1960’s Batman episode.
  • He opened his own museum in 1978.

He really was something special was Władziu Valentino Liberace .

Love you all

Stay fabulous


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