Using the flamboyance of Liberace as a stimulus for interior design

Hello darlings!   I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am.  Ok, I can begin… and here I go!  I AM SOOO EXCITED!  Why?  Well, one of my oldest clients gave me an extravagant interior design job at one of his luxury holiday houses!

A Liberace inspired design


He has this unbelievably large living room and he wanted it completely redesigned.  Bill (the client) is a fun, flamboyant man, so I thought a Liberace style makeover would be perfect!  He was ecstatic when I suggested it.

My idea was to have some incredible pieces that would really stand out, backed up by small things that would just add the right glitz and glamour and round everything off.  My main piece is a massive crystal chandelier that I brought from an antique shop.  It is truly stunning and perfect as the centre piece of the room.  The crystals shimmered and shone when the lights were switched on.  It is so beautiful!

Bling, bling!

The smaller changes I made really helped compliment everything.  Bill didn’t want to change his main furniture pieces as they are family heirlooms.  I thought we could accessorise them with some bling, just to fall in line with the Liberace design theme.  I found these beautiful cushion covers with music note patterns made out of rhinestones.  They work perfectly on the heavy set furniture.


One of the furniture pieces that bill let me replace were his old barstools.  I think they might have come out of a bar in Bedrock… these things old and frankly they were hideous!

I picked up a set of four contemporary bar stools with backrests.  The bar stools fit in perfectly with Bill’s hand carved wooden bar.  In keeping with the Liberace theme, I added some shaped foam to the backrests, covered them in the same material as the cushions and added my own music notes with rhinestones.  It took some time and some nasty finger pricks… sewing was never my strongpoint, but you should see me crochet!

I added a few other touches here and there and Bill was thrilled with the final product!

I would not have had the inspiration without Liberace.  He was so incredibly stylish, even with those sometimes outlandish outfits.  He always made them work, no matter what!

I remember seeing a documentary on TV about his home.  What an amazing place!  I really loved his black granite bar that he had specially made.  Of course, there were candelabras all over the house.  He was very fond of them!   Possibly the thing that stood out the most to me were the gold plated swan neck faucets.  Now that’s flamboyance!   He had exceptional taste in design as well.  I take a lot of inspiration from him.

Love you all

Stay fabulous


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