I’m off to visit the Liberace Museum

I am beside myself! I don’t know whether I should laugh out loud or cry with happiness.
Why? Well I am off to visit the Liberace Museum in Paradise, Nevada! Can you believe that Stuart bought me a plane ticket and is also paying for weekend’s accommodation. He was so excited with the living room makeover that he wanted to repay me.

Chocolate cake, dressing gowns and an unbelievable surprise!

It all happened last night. There I was, sitting down in my nice comfortable chair watching an old Liberace DVD. I had just come out of the bath and only had my dressing gown on. I like to be comfortable sometimes you know, we can’t always be flamboyant! I was just tucking into a thin slice of chocolate cake (my only piece this week so far) when the doorbell rang.
Well I didn’t have time to change, so I quickly looked to see who it was. When I saw it was Stuart I was not to worried to let him in while I was in my dressing gown as he is a old friend.
Anyway, he had this massive smile on his face and I kept on asking him what he was so excited about. Then it happened… Stuart handed me a gold envelope. In it were a plane ticket to Nevada as well as a booking confirmation for a weekend stay in a luxurious hotel. Stuart has also arranged a guided tour of the Liberace Museum. I actually could not contain myself, first I laughed hysterically and then cried, sobbing my eyes out. I can’t believe that Stuart would do this for me. He really is a great friend.
Once Stuart had left, I threw my cake away. I have to be fighting fit when I leave in two weeks time don’t I? Now my next dilemma is what to pack. I have so many lovely clothes, but I want to make sure I am looking at my finest for the trip.

Gambling in Vegas!

I think I will make a quick stop at a few casino’s in Vegas as well. Since my health has improved, my luck seems to be getting better and better. Who knows I might just return a millionaire! But back to the museum. I can’t wait to see some of the great man’s outfits in the flesh. I have heard that they have a number of his cars and pianos on show as well. I better take my sunglasses because they are all sure to sparkle. Only 10 more days and I will be living my dream. I really can’t wait!

Love you all.
Stay fabulous!

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