I’m off to visit the Liberace Museum

I am beside myself! I don’t know whether I should laugh out loud or cry with happiness.
Why? Well I am off to visit the Liberace Museum in Paradise, Nevada! Can you believe that Stuart bought me a plane ticket and is also paying for weekend’s accommodation. He was so excited with the living room makeover that he wanted to repay me.

Chocolate cake, dressing gowns and an unbelievable surprise!

It all happened last night. There I was, sitting down in my nice comfortable chair watching an old Liberace DVD. I had just come out of the bath and only had my dressing gown on. I like to be comfortable sometimes you know, we can’t always be flamboyant! I was just tucking into a thin slice of chocolate cake (my only piece this week so far) when the doorbell rang.
Well I didn’t have time to change, so I quickly looked to see who it was. When I saw it was Stuart I was not to worried to let him in while I was in my dressing gown as he is a old friend.
Anyway, he had this massive smile on his face and I kept on asking him what he was so excited about. Then it happened… Stuart handed me a gold envelope. In it were a plane ticket to Nevada as well as a booking confirmation for a weekend stay in a luxurious hotel. Stuart has also arranged a guided tour of the Liberace Museum. I actually could not contain myself, first I laughed hysterically and then cried, sobbing my eyes out. I can’t believe that Stuart would do this for me. He really is a great friend.
Once Stuart had left, I threw my cake away. I have to be fighting fit when I leave in two weeks time don’t I? Now my next dilemma is what to pack. I have so many lovely clothes, but I want to make sure I am looking at my finest for the trip.

Gambling in Vegas!

I think I will make a quick stop at a few casino’s in Vegas as well. Since my health has improved, my luck seems to be getting better and better. Who knows I might just return a millionaire! But back to the museum. I can’t wait to see some of the great man’s outfits in the flesh. I have heard that they have a number of his cars and pianos on show as well. I better take my sunglasses because they are all sure to sparkle. Only 10 more days and I will be living my dream. I really can’t wait!

Love you all.
Stay fabulous!

My 5 favorite Liberace costumes

I decided to take a few days break after finishing off the design of Stuart’s living room. It’s always good to rest and relax after a fairly big design project I have found. It really helps me to recharge my old batteries and get things into perspective for my next project.
I have a few coming up in fact, but on a small scale. That gives me some time to indulge in my passion.

Costumes, brooches and choker necklaces

Of course, if you have been reading my blog, you will know that I love Liberace. One of my favourite things to do is to go online and look at pictures of the great man and the elaborate costumes he would parade in. Not only was he supremely talented, but he had such a sense of style. I am a massive fan of brooches (Boho has a great collection), I actually have quite a few in my collection, but none as stunning at those Liberace used to wear! Anyway, I thought I would show you see a few of my favourite Liberace outfits.

My Favourites

This blue crazy quilt suit is a particular favourite. Liberace was known for his outlandish style, but this is fairly toned down. The thing that appeals to me most are the gorgeous boots and the quilt material. He also liked to wear a beautiful cameo brooch with this outfit. He was a man of style.

I actually saw Liberace wear this costume at a concert at Radio City Hall. It was the best night of my life and one I will never, ever forget. Did you know that Liberace has a long standing design relationship with Michael Travis and they would often design costumes together.

This cape is just stunning! I love it so much. Did you know the feathers come from a large flightless bird found in Africa? I didn’t until I did more research into the costume. Liberace wore this on a few occasions, most notably with some of his stunning brooches he loved so much.

Perhaps one of Liberace’s most famous outfits, the Drum Major is made up of 1000’s upon 1000’s of rhinestones. The outfit also had a simply stunning pair of matching shoes.

What looks to be a very normal suit by Liberace standards is nothing of the sort. Filled with rhinestones, some of them forming the keys of a piano, this suit also had a elegant rhinestone piano brooch! I really do think this outfit is my favourite!

Love you all.
Stay fabulous!


My new interior design project!

I can’t believe how much time has flown over the past couple of months! That old saying is true you know, time does fly when you are having fun! I thought I would update my blog to let all of you know how things are moving in my life!

Well, I am busier now than ever before, and for that I am very grateful. I have also managed to keep my health regime on the straight and narrow and my new found fitness really helps me through a working day. As for the chocolate cake, well I have managed to cut down on that! I still indulge every now and again, a thin slice a week won’t harm me!



A new project

The next month or two will prove to be very exciting and I can’t wait! Why? Well, my good friend Stuart has asked me to redesign his living room. He has a real eye for design, so it will be a challenge to keep him happy, but I have an idea what I would like to achieve.

Stuart’s house is stunning! It has a very open design with one room flowing into the next. His living room, in particular, has massive amounts of space to work with. My primary aim is to keep the space as a focal point. black-and-white-living-room-design-purple-chair-color-accentIt is so easy to get carried away and buy too many accessories and furniture for a room such as this, but I will keep it simple! Stuart has identified a beautiful lounge suite that he would like as the main seating in the room. I plan to place it in front of his stunning fireplace. It will be a brilliant place to relax in winter with a roaring fire and a glass of red wine.

Cushions and baby blankets?

I found the perfect cushions for him as well. They are covered in a fabulous dark red satin and will add just a perfect touch to the white leather lounge set. Of course, that’s not all I am going to add to the furniture. I wanted a small throw to put in the centre of each furniture piece. Unfortunately, all of the traditional throws that I could find just didn’t work for me.deep red cushion

Luckily, I found the most unlikely solution – a baby blanket! I was specifically looking for a light blue colour that would work with the deep red cushions and white furniture. The baby blankets I found were not only the perfect colour but also the perfect size. I folded them in half to form a 90-degree angle and hung that in the centre of each piece of furniture! I loved it, but more importantly Stuart could not stop talking about how fabulous it looked. No need for him to know that his new throws are in fact baby blankets! If there is one thing I have learned in my years of interior design sometimes the strangest things can work for a solution to a design problem!

The rest of the room is also slowly taking shape and should be done in the next two weeks. Although myself and Stuart occasionally clash on certain ideas, I respect his design input.

The baby blankets, well that’s just our little secret, isn’t it?
Love you all.
Stay fabulous!


I’m off on holiday to Italy – the home of the Liberace name!

“Buon Pomeriggio!”  or Good-day to my non-Italian friends and readers!  Yes, I am going on a lovely and relaxing holiday to Italy.  I can’t wait!  I have not travelled in around two years due to my illness.  I jumped at the opportunity when my good friend Henry suggested that we take a two week trip to one of my favorite places in the world!

Work to complete


Before we could go, I had the matter of my biggest interior design job of the year to finish.  I was asked to help fit out a very modern home.  It was a difficult challenge but I enjoyed every minute of it and the results were stunning!

I think the owners were particularly impressed with the living room.  I’m not going to go into all the details but one major change I made to it was the lighting.  It was far too sterile and clinical before hand and it just didn’t create enough atmosphere. Well, it made it feel like a hospital, but I don’t think the owners really wanted their lighting to create that effect!

Fab floor lamps


I decided on using floor lamps (check these out!) as the main source of lighting and used two different types to gain the effect I wanted.  Firstly I used two Torchiere lamps as the main source of light.  These provide lighting upwards.  I placed these against either wall in the middle of the room.  I then used floor lamps with adjustable arms and placed these near seating areas.  The lighting from these lamps can be adjusted because of the arm and the combination of the two really created a unique atmosphere in the living room.

Packing for the holidays

In a couple more days we will be jetting off on our holiday!  I am starting to get really excited now!  I packed this morning.  I have decided to travel light as I plan on buying a few things over in Italy especially some clothes, antiques for home and maybe a bottle or two of wine!

One thing I cannot go on holiday without is a decent travel wallet.  I decided to buy myself a nice new brown leather one.  It was fairly expensive but worth it as it allows me to fit all my travel documents, cash and cards in it.  It will come in very handy as I am planning on doing a fair amount of travelling over the next year.

Henry and I will be visiting Rome and Naples on this trip.  I convinced Henry to add one more little stop however.  We will spend a night in Formia which is a small Italian town where the Liberace family hail from.  We will start in Naples, travel to Formia and then finish our trip in Rome.

Exciting Italy


I really love Italy.  I am looking forward to the beautiful weather.  I could do with a few days in the sun!  Although we will be visiting most of the important tourist sites, I like to spend a day or two discovering a city by myself.  It’s amazing the little gems you can find this way.  I usually find a few unique pieces that I use in my interior design like this.  My home is filled with these little knick-knacks!   Of course, Italian food is to die for!  I am not going to be worried too much about healthy eating while I am away, I just want to enjoy all the delicious pastas and breads that Italians make so well!

Italy holds a special place in my heart.  It was here, as a twenty year old on an end of year tour that I decided to give up on medical school and follow my dream to become an interior designer!   My poor mother, she never could understand.  She just wanted me to become a doctor!

You must follow your dreams!  Never ever give up in pursuing them!  Liberace didn’t and neither will I.

Italy, I hope you are ready for Bob!

Love you all

Stay fabulous














My favorite products for the modern home

I love shopping!  Who doesn’t, right?

Getting back into the swing of things work wise has certainly helped my bank balance go in the right direction.

Interior design at home

Due to my illness, I had not done much interior decorating in my own house in almost two years.  What kind of interior decorator doesn’t change something at least once a month!  As you can imagine, I was itching to make a few changes around the house and that extra cash was quickly burning a hole in my pocket.


My old mother (Bless her soul), would have had a small hissy fit!  I can still here her.  “Robert”, she would say, “You have to save for your future.”  “You remember how myself and your father struggled,” she would add before launching into one hundred reasons why I should save.

Other than redoing my kitchen and my living room (just a start, there will be much more), I could not help myself in picking up two fabulous turquoise picnic rugs.   I can’t wait to pack a small picnic lunch and go to my favorite picnic spot near the lake.  I love just going up there to relax and sometimes feed the ducks.

Weekend picnic

I think possibly this weekend I will invite some friends, pack a nice healthy lunch, some bubbly and of course the picnic rugs.  I want to show them off.  I bet everyone will want one once they see them.

I almost forgot, I was telling you about my kitchen makeover.   I bought some beautiful new salt and pepper grinders.  They have a beautiful chrome finish.  I think I will keep them stashed away until I host a dinner party.


I made a slight interior design change in the kitchen.  I have a lot of counter space with cupboards above.  Often the light from the main light in the ceiling is not enough while I work on the counter top, preparing food.  I installed task lighting in the form of under cupboard lighting in the food preparation areas.   It makes an incredible difference.


I spent quite a bit of money on some antiques for the living room.  A nice rocking chair was the pick of all my purchases.  I can’t wait to get some rest and relaxation on that beauty.    I placed a nice floor lamp (check it out!) next to the rocking chair. That might become my preferred reading area in the house.

The pièce de résistance in the living room is my new granite topped coffee table.  I haven’t got the bar like Liberace had, but at least I have made a start.  It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life.

Next month, I will add a few more things, but for now I can still hear my mother’s voice ringing in my ears.

Love you all

Stay fabulous


Why I am such a fan of Liberace

Hellooooo everyone!  Sitting comfortably?  I have a little story for you!

Gather round

LIBERACE                                         home

Last night I was sitting in my living room relaxing with a small glass of wine.  I recently bought myself a new record player.  I have all Liberace’s music on compact disk and record, but I had not played the records in over 25 years.   I think they are better than a compact disk.  There is just something about taking a record out of its sleeve, the feel of it in your hands, placing it on the turntable and then slowly lowering the needle down…. the slight crackle and finally, beautiful music, especially if Liberace is involved.

I was slightly tired after a long day of interior design, but listening to Liberace always picks up my mood.  It might have been the wine or just the incredible ambience created by my pendant lights (aren’t they fabulous?) but I ended up becoming quite emotional.  Not in a crying, sad way, but a crying, happy way!  I was happy that I was over my illness and that I had incredible friends that helped me through the tough times.  I really love all of you!

Liberace, the legend


Ok, enough of those emotions, I am tearing up again!  Let’s get back to my inspiration – Liberace.  He really is sorely missed.  There just isn’t an entertainer like him in the world today.  In fact, no one has managed to replace him since he died in 1987.  He really was such an incredible musician.  I loved the flourishes he used when playing piano.  Not only was it great on your ear, but it was fun to watch.

I always wondered how he managed to still play with all those rings on his hands.  Surely they were heavy, and how didn’t they get in the way!  All I know is that you never saw him without them while he was playing.

Here are a few interesting Liberace facts that I like to bring out at parties  My friends call me the Keeper of the Liberace Lore!

  • Liberace could play the piano by the age of 4! I am in my 60’s now and I can only play “Chopsticks.”
  • He could memorize and play classical pieces by the age of 7.
  • He tried his hand at acting in 1955, but the movie, “Sincerely Yours”, was a failure. I think that’s probably the only thing that he failed with in showbiz.
  • He appeared in a 1960’s Batman episode.
  • He opened his own museum in 1978.

He really was something special was Władziu Valentino Liberace .

Love you all

Stay fabulous


Using the flamboyance of Liberace as a stimulus for interior design

Hello darlings!   I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am.  Ok, I can begin… and here I go!  I AM SOOO EXCITED!  Why?  Well, one of my oldest clients gave me an extravagant interior design job at one of his luxury holiday houses!

A Liberace inspired design


He has this unbelievably large living room and he wanted it completely redesigned.  Bill (the client) is a fun, flamboyant man, so I thought a Liberace style makeover would be perfect!  He was ecstatic when I suggested it.

My idea was to have some incredible pieces that would really stand out, backed up by small things that would just add the right glitz and glamour and round everything off.  My main piece is a massive crystal chandelier that I brought from an antique shop.  It is truly stunning and perfect as the centre piece of the room.  The crystals shimmered and shone when the lights were switched on.  It is so beautiful!

Bling, bling!

The smaller changes I made really helped compliment everything.  Bill didn’t want to change his main furniture pieces as they are family heirlooms.  I thought we could accessorise them with some bling, just to fall in line with the Liberace design theme.  I found these beautiful cushion covers with music note patterns made out of rhinestones.  They work perfectly on the heavy set furniture.


One of the furniture pieces that bill let me replace were his old barstools.  I think they might have come out of a bar in Bedrock… these things old and frankly they were hideous!

I picked up a set of four contemporary bar stools with backrests.  The bar stools fit in perfectly with Bill’s hand carved wooden bar.  In keeping with the Liberace theme, I added some shaped foam to the backrests, covered them in the same material as the cushions and added my own music notes with rhinestones.  It took some time and some nasty finger pricks… sewing was never my strongpoint, but you should see me crochet!

I added a few other touches here and there and Bill was thrilled with the final product!

I would not have had the inspiration without Liberace.  He was so incredibly stylish, even with those sometimes outlandish outfits.  He always made them work, no matter what!

I remember seeing a documentary on TV about his home.  What an amazing place!  I really loved his black granite bar that he had specially made.  Of course, there were candelabras all over the house.  He was very fond of them!   Possibly the thing that stood out the most to me were the gold plated swan neck faucets.  Now that’s flamboyance!   He had exceptional taste in design as well.  I take a lot of inspiration from him.

Love you all

Stay fabulous


Bob is back!

Liberace would be so proud!

I’m back beautiful people!  It really has been a while, hasn’t it?  Did you miss me darlings?  I missed all of you.

Thank you for the countless emails while I was ill.  It really has been a tough time, but not that I have recovered, I promise to make up lost time!  I really missed my blogging, so be sure to come back often as I intend to write fairly regularly.

A new, healthy Bob


I have had to make a few changes to improve my health!  I want to look after my body, so about two weeks ago I started on a big health kick.  Yes, Bob is going to be healthy… can you believe it!  No more chocolate cake for me… well in moderation maybe.  Seriously, I just want to focus on eating healthily and incorporating some daily exercise into my regime.  So far the healthy eating is not so bad.  I am focusing mainly on healthy salads, smoothies and watching my carbohydrate intake.

The exercise regime is nothing too strenuous.  First I take a 20 minute swim or walk in the morning followed by a resistance band workout.  I use these resistance bands as they are supremely portable!.They are so easy to use and after only two weeks I can already feel they impact they are having.

Even though I am getting older there is nothing that says I should not be fit and healthy right?  I still have plenty of time ahead of me on this planet, so I best get my body in tip-top shape!

Back at work

Speaking of time, I had a lot of that on my hands during my illness.  Instead of moping around knowing that I was confined to my sick bed, I actually managed to do some real planning, especially with regards as to where I want to take my interior decorating business.

My faithful clients were just waiting for me to recover.  I am ever so grateful to them for that.  In fact, I did a quick interior makeover for one of them yesterday.  It was nothing big, just a new fixture here and there including two absolutely stunning wall clocks, one for the living room and the other for the dining area.  They really spruced up both locations and added a beautiful finishing touch to the other small changes I made.  The best thing is that the client loved it!  I am thankful to have had some interior design work to do so quickly after my illness, it just help to get me back into the swing of things.

My love of Liberace

536cfc4599_634x797[1] When I got home, I settled down in my living room with a healthy chicken salad, a small glass of wine and one of my favorite Liberace compact discs, “What now, my love?”   He was such an entertainer and what a piano player!  I could listen to him forever and ever.

I remember travelling to see him in Las Vegas.  Even though I had travelled extensively, I had never set foot in Vegas.  What a town that is!  The glitz, the glamour, the razzmatazz, and that was just Liberace!

I love to travel and discover new places, but unfortunately with my illness I have not had the opportunity for a while.  I aim to change that over the course of the coming months.

Well, let’s wrap this up.  I really did miss writing my blog while I was ill.  You can be sure I will make up for it, so get ready to hear about my work, my travels, my passions and of course Liberace.

Love you all.

Stay fabulous!



My new and improved blog will be back really soon! More Liberace and more interior design thoughts and advice!

Liberace at his best!

This is just a short and sweet post to announce that I will be returning to blogging in the very near future!

Having had a break due to health reasons, I can’t wait to get back to writing. I have enjoyed the support I have received from my readers during this time and it is only because of you that I have had the strength to soldier on (and of course the fortitude that I find in the music of Liberace) and return to what I love doing. So I thank you!

As a way of marking my return to writing, I am planning to build an entirely new Bob’s Liberace. The old site was dreadfully outdated having been neglected for some time. However with the help of a new friend who is extremely IT savvy, I will be rebranding my blog and launching with a fresh new look.


So what will I be writing about?

More of the dame really! I of course will be diving into my passion of Liberace and his amazing music career. As a life-long fan this is something I will never give up. I will of course continue with my interior design commentary, especially as I have now resumed work and have been seeing some simply amazing things for people’s homes that I can’t wait to share!

It’s going to be very amazing and I am feeling better already thinking about the blog’s rebirth. As always, if you would like to make contact with me, please hit me on the contact me page.

As for now, I will leave you with some classic Liberace to keep you all loving life!

Ciao for now!