Bob is back!


Liberace would be so proud!

I’m back beautiful people!  It really has been a while, hasn’t it?  Did you miss me darlings?  I missed all of you.

Thank you for the countless emails while I was ill.  It really has been a tough time, but not that I have recovered, I promise to make up lost time!  I really missed my blogging, so be sure to come back often as I intend to write fairly regularly.

A new, healthy Bob


I have had to make a few changes to improve my health!  I want to look after my body, so about two weeks ago I started on a big health kick.  Yes, Bob is going to be healthy… can you believe it!  No more chocolate cake for me… well in moderation maybe.  Seriously, I just want to focus on eating healthily and incorporating some daily exercise into my regime.  So far the healthy eating is not so bad.  I am focusing mainly on healthy salads, smoothies and watching my carbohydrate intake.

The exercise regime is nothing too strenuous.  First I take a 20 minute swim or walk in the morning followed by a resistance band workout.  They are so easy to use and after only two weeks I can already feel they impact they are having.

Even though I am getting older there is nothing that says I should not be fit and healthy right?  I still have plenty of time ahead of me on this planet, so I best get my body in tip-top shape!

Back at work

Speaking of time, I had a lot of that on my hands during my illness.  Instead of moping around knowing that I was confined to my sick bed, I actually managed to do some real planning, especially with regards as to where I want to take my interior decorating business.

My faithful clients were just waiting for me to recover.  I am ever so greatful to them for that.  In fact, I did a quick interior makeover for one of them yesterday.  It was nothing big, just a new fixture here and there including two absolutely stunning wall clocks, one for the living room and the other for the dining area.  They really spruced up both locations and added a beautiful finishing touch to the other small changes I made.  The best thing is that the client loved it!  I am thankful to have had some interior design work to do so quickly after my illness, it just help to get me back into the swing of things.

My love of Liberace

536cfc4599_634x797[1] When I got home, I settled down in my living room with a healthy chicken salad, a small glass of wine and one of my favorite Liberace compact discs, “What now, my love?”   He was such an entertainer and what a piano player!  I could listen to him forever and ever.

I remember travelling to see him in Las Vegas.  Even though I had travelled extensively, I had never set foot in Vegas.  What a town that is!  The glitz, the glamour, the razzmatazz, and that was just Liberace!

I love to travel and discover new places, but unfortunately with my illness I have not had the opportunity for a while.  I aim to change that over the course of the coming months.

Well, let’s wrap this up.  I really did miss writing my blog while I was ill.  You can be sure I will make up for it, so get ready to hear about my work, my travels, my passions and of course Liberace.

Love you all.

Stay fabulous!



My new and improved blog will be back really soon! More Liberace and more interior design thoughts and advice!

Liberace at his best!

This is just a short and sweet post to announce that I will be returning to blogging in the very near future!

Having had a break due to health reasons, I can’t wait to get back to writing. I have enjoyed the support I have received from my readers during this time and it is only because of you that I have had the strength to soldier on (and of course the fortitude that I find in the music of Liberace) and return to what I love doing. So I thank you!

As a way of marking my return to writing, I am planning to build an entirely new Bob’s Liberace. The old site was dreadfully outdated having been neglected for some time. However with the help of a new friend who is extremely IT savvy, I will be rebranding my blog and launching with a fresh new look.


So what will I be writing about?

More of the dame really! I of course will be diving into my passion of Liberace and his amazing music career. As a life-long fan this is something I will never give up. I will of course continue with my interior design commentary, especially as I have now resumed work and have been seeing some simply amazing things for people’s homes that I can’t wait to share!

It’s going to be very amazing and I am feeling better already thinking about the blog’s rebirth. As always, if you would like to make contact with me, please hit me on the contact me page.

As for now, I will leave you with some classic Liberace to keep you all loving life!

Ciao for now!